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dklogo.gif (10336 bytes) Door King offers a full line of swing and slide gate operators.  These operators are fully systems capable. Door King offers an extensive line of accessories both for the homeowner and commercial applications.  Door King leads the industry in innovative application of high technology to create safer, smarter operators.










A selection of different receivers to meet your application requirements exactly.

Models 1601, 1602, 1100

Model 1601    Model 1602 Model 1100

Door King 610


605    Light Duty Residentail, Swing
                 Up to 400 lb Gate, 10 ft. Max
610    Medium Duty Commercial, Swing
         14 ft. Max
620    Heavy Duty Commercial, Swing
                 18 ft. Max
905    Light Duty Residential, Slide
          Up to 300 lb. Gate, 16 ft. Max
910    Medium Duty Commercial, Slide
                 Up to 1000 lb. Gate, 30 ft. Max
        915    Heavy Duty Commercial Slide
         Up to 1500 lb. Gate, 45 ft. Max

         2 yr.*Manufactures Warranty

*Manufactures Warranty of 5 yr. (excluding 111LS- 3 yr. Warranty)











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