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FAAC is the undisputed world leader in automated systems
for opening gates, doors and garage doors.

In 1965 FAAC introduced hydraulics in the gate-opening sector and, through the years, has perfected this technology and adapted it to a multiplicity of needs.
400 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Operator
FAAC's best on-gate operator. Power and versatility make it ideal for apartment, subdivision, commercial, industrial and residential use
402 / 422 Hydraulic Operator
Designed for single family residential use. Can move a gate 90 in 12 seconds. Hydraulic locking in the opened or closed positions
412 Electromechanical Operator
Designed for light single family residential use UL 325 Compliant. Versatile FAAC control panel allows for 6 operating modes
750 & 760 "Invisible" Operators
Designed for residential and light commercial in-ground installations. Ideal for large, ornate gates. Equipped with a hydraulic bypass


  Residential and commercial models

  Hydraulic and electromechanical versions

  On-gate and In-ground versions

  Models: 400 | 402/422 | 412 | 750 | 760


  Residential and commercial models

  Chain and rack & pinion versions

  Continuous duty and integrated safety systems

  Models: 746 | 820 | 844 | 860 | 885

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