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occupies the upper tier of manufacturers. Their sole aim is to produce the finest machines in the world. They have a list of embassies, prisons, and high security government installations that circles the world. Utilizing only the finest components and one of the most responsive R&D departments in the industry, High Security continues to further improve every year an already stellar product. Their big seller is the 222 series of slide gate operators. These hydraulic machines propel the sliding gate by clamping down onto a heavy rail which runs the length of the gate. This rail itself is what adds security to the installation. With a typical slide gate operator one only needs to cut the chain which is used to move the gate and access can be achieved. With the Hy-Security system, the potential intruder has his work cut out for him trying to cut through this rail. These popular sliders are available in a one foot per second and a two foot per second.  Also producing full vertical, barrier, and swing gate operators Hy-Security has operators for every application.

111LS-Commercial and High End Residential, Slide
        Gates up to 800 lb.
HRG 220-Heavy Duty Commercial and High End Residential, Swing
            Gates up to 3000 lb., 16 ft. Max.,
            *HRG222-Dual Gates
222SS-Heavy Duty Commercial or High End Residential, Slide
                 Gates up to 1000 lb.
222DS-Heavy Duty Commercial or Residential Community, Slide
          Gates up to 1000 lb., DC Backup
222EX-Heavy Duty Commercial or High End Residential, Slide
         Gates up to 4000 lb. (2 foot per second)
HTG 320-Heavy Duty Commercial, Barrier Arm
                2 sec. to open, 3 sec. to close, 14 ft.
                    *HTG 3203
                3 sec. to open, 4 sec. to close, 20 ft.
                5 sec. to open, 7 sec. to close, 28 ft.
HVG 420- Heavy Duty Commercial, Vertical Lift
                    Gates up to 1000 lb., 16 ft. clearance

*Manufactures Warranty of 5 yr. (excluding 111LS- 3 yr. Warranty)











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